Available in a wide range of 7 different color shades, CPC antistatic powder coatings are functional coatings. They are used on metal surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate buildup of electrostatic charge. CPC antistatic powders are used for instruments which are sensitive to electrostatic charge as well as electronic devices. They are mostly used for the electronics industry for the protection of sensitive elements from high voltage discharge.

Dissipating electrostatic charge

The surface of an object is regarded antistatic when electrical resistance is less than 107 Ohm. Specific electrical resistance of CPC antistatic powders is on the level of 105 Ohm. The cured surface of these powders is conductive enough to dissipate electrostatic charge and thus preventing high voltage discharge shocks. To enable electrical conductivity special additives are used. Usually special carbon blacks or graphite are applied. Special carbon nano particles enable us to formulate „antistatic powders” also in light shades.


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