Powder coatings in focus


They are robust, modern and sustainable – and yet not yet known everywhere: Powder coatings. With the digital image campaign #LebePulverlack, the German coatings and printing inks industry wants to make this innovative surface technology more popular for customers and consumers.

FRANKFURT (10/27/2021). They should be noble and nice to look at, the things we buy, use and have around us all the time. Powder coating can do that: visually embellish everyday objects, give them an impressive shine and a perfect appearance. That’s because the coating method makes it possible to apply almost flawless layers of paint.

Powder coatings are almost everywhere and yet hardly known to many consumers. The German Coatings and Printing Inks Industry Association (VdL) now wants to change that. VdL wants to change that. The eleven manufacturing companies organized in the association have now launched #LebePulverlack, a campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the application. The existing award-winning #LebeFarbe campaign, with which the VdL specialist group for architectural coatings has been setting colorful accents for three years, is helping to achieve this.

Under the keyword #LebePulverlack, the advantages of products coated with powder coating are to be publicized on the web and in social media. Around 80,000 tons of powder coating are produced and processed in Germany every year. It is often heavily used industrial products that are coated with it, but also door handles, refrigerators or the nightstand at home. The metal bicycle basket has a powder coating, as does the new flower pot, the substructure or the garage door in the yard. Powder coatings are an integral part of our everyday lives and a constant accompaniment, even in the most important moments.

The campaign wants to make people aware of this: A short film on the campaign website shows that powder coating is just as much a part of a garden party as it is a part of a first date or when the next generation is pedaling. Several articles explain production and technology, as well as the areas of application and range of the various products.

A colorful world is opening up, which will use social networks to make the public aware that powder coatings are not only attractive, but above all cost-saving, environmentally compatible and sustainable.

See for yourself and click on www.lebe-pulverlack.de or follow the hashtag #LebePulverlack on social media.

The Association of the German Paint and Printing Ink Industry e.V. (VdL) represents around 190 mostly medium-sized manufacturers of coatings, inks and printing inks in Germany. Over 90 percent of the industry is organized in the VdL. In 2020, the industry generated sales of around 8 billion euros and employs around 25,000 people.